Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday 25th February


Today was interesting. Awoke to the sound of 'Lots of cleaning to be done today!' oh yes ruin my revision time much? I mean any other time but not the weekend before an exam. Does bug me when parents just organise your day for you, not like I revise when on the laptop. I mean just intrude on us. Then whatever result you get, they tut at you and moan 'Oh you should of revised darling'. Should of revised? I couldn't bloody revise can I, I have to go to town with you and do the food shopping and do cleaning! When do I ever get time to revise, ah yes at 10pm on a Saturday. Fabulous. Oh and it's the mothers birthday tomorrow, yay another 24 hours with no revision. FMFL. See ya's for tomorrow!

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