Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday 17th February


Today it's FRIDAY, FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY! I got down to the bowling alley, for some bowling fun. Minus Marcus Collins, if you want to go bowling with him go into Bhs, there was a big bilboard for it today instore. Yeah, i'm not entering he's too 'STICK-FAKE-SMILE-ON-TO-GET-VOTES!' I don't like that amount of cheese, Glee is about as far as I go. Anyways, so i'm at the bowling alley and oh shiz left socks at home. I think oh well, the shoes can't be that bad. Put them on, and chewing gum? Really. Dirty people. Such a baddass. Unhygienic pig. I think oh well, move on. Get to the bowling alley and my year 5 teacher decides to chat up the mother. I'm thinking, yeah sure. Whilst he was next to his girlfriend, pregnant girlfriend. He started giving me a dirty look as to say, 'WTF Are you?'. What was weird was he wasn't as drunk as he was when I was out late night food shopping with her. Awkward. So t'was my last go, and there's all the pressure from the next lane. His girlfriends (My year 3 TA) daughter is doing better than me, and she must be about 6. I get out a ramp, stupid I know but how can you lose on them? And push.. I got down 3. Then 0. Buggered. Yes, I heard sniggers. Oh dear. See ya's for tomorrow! P.S: Keep going strong on the giveaway, and I know not many have liked my facebook page so don't lie and say you have.

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