Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday 12th February


Today was interesting, yes a Sunday can be interesting! Today was actually amazing. I started off waking up at 8am half asleep, but I bounced into action! And er bouncing off my bed and hurting myself just a tad... One of the besties was late picking me up, I almost lost my patience but you know when you put on that smile everything goes. We got to the studio and I was told what the styling was for that shoot. And the first impressions of my jacket were 'Cheryl Cole eat your heart out'. As it was a studio; with lots of random doors leading to rooms I wanted to explore. I opened one and turned out it was the dressing room and a voluptuous sized, lady was dressing and undressing. Oops! To make matters worse, I was in some heels which took me a while to walk in. Then I had to jump on set, jump and er landed. Fell, kaboomed, you know what I mean. I stumbled on the shoot, in shorts which rid upwards.... Oh well, this is the shot which has been chosen for the calender google Karen Clifford photography for more fabulous pics coming soon :) See ya's for tomorrow! P.S Get involved in my giveaway!

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