Saturday, 4 February 2012

Saturday 4th February


Today was interesting. Is it even possible to be frozen in a HOUSE where all the heating is on FULL BLAST? So annoying don't you agree? And you get the heating prices always rising, no wonder crafty (Insert'Swear'Word'Here). My friends came round my house today to finish a 'Trench'. Not an actual one but we did consider flying to Auschwitz to dig up one and bring it back to school. She said (aha, who laughed then?) she'd complete her work this morning and move her stuff so the table was clear. Nope. So we had to paint a shoebox on the carpet, with just newspaper to cover. Then She goes ballistic when she see's us? 'If you get any of that paint on the carpet!' having a mini heart attack. Not my fault. But our trench actually doesn't look trenchy yet, I had to bring in mud and it still doesn't look trenchy. But after they left, She went to bed and my siblings decided to stalk the laptop. I was home alone, so didn't think twice when I went down stairs in just my underwear. I went in the kitchen to get a drink when my favourite song came on the radio, so I started singing along using the milk bottle as a microphone and doing some random dancing, in just my undies. I was really going for it, dancing like a loon and belting out the song at the top of my lungs. And then I spotted the group of bin men outside the window who saw the whole thing... Dirty perverts. See ya's for tomorrow!

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