Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday 13th February


Today was interesting, not as glamorous as yesterday's shoot. I had been attacked by the nasty 'Cold' today. I was still going to the supermarket to do the shop with She, I would say she's forced me to cook all week but I like it. And I like being in charge of it. I really needed the loo when I was out shopping. I badly needed to go and wash my hands too, i'm not a clean freak but who does like the feel of tissues when you've sneezed in them? When I came out of the toilets,  to wash my hands, there was a man there! I was thinking someones a little bonkers today and had left their glasses at home (Which I of course had). I got outside of the toilets to a cackling She & It . I did realise the washing basins were a little different to the normal ones. See ya's for tomorrow!

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