Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thursday 23rd February


Today was interesting. Eurgh, room decorating, NIGHTMARE. Having to carry chest of drawers upstairs, total nightmare. Such pressure, not to drop it. Such pressure such pressure. I may of driven my mother insane, just a tad. To the point she screams my name. There was also this guy in town, you know when they just pull you over and talk to you about some charity. Called Charity muggers standing for charity muggers?  I think we should call them chunts, I mean they grab She over and she gets fed up. So I go over and say. 'Right my mum isn't giving any of her money to you, so stop begging and don't approach strangers. DIDN'T YOUR MUMMY TELL YOU NOT TO TALK TO STRANGERS!'. Yeah kinda outsmarted there, but I hate asking for money myself so why is it people are so freely doing it on the street. Beggars. The worst part is some of these aren't licensed so they keep their money earnt to themselves. Sick people. See ya's for tomorrow!

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