Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday 19th Febuary


Today was interesting. Ever written a late Valentines card? Well I didn't actually mean to write one, I doodled a diagram of 'The Stud' across the street in a plain card. With an 8 pack, handsome looks etc. Like the actual; I haven't seen what's underneath, but it must be good. I drew all the love hearts around him and wrote 'Mrs [Insert name here]' (Like i'm going to tell you). And wrote madly about how crazy in love I was about him. She was on her way to post her friends birthday card today and somehow got hold of my card in it's envelope. (This is why I should've just been an only child, no need for brats that can't do as asked). And of course she got my picture. She opened it and sniggered in embaressment and thought 'Lets turn my daughters Monday into the worst Monday it could ever be'. She went over and thought they were out. I ran as quickly as I could and snatched it out of her hands. Why can't people watch TV and leave all their lights on? He was sat there in the front room and came to open the door! Oh shizzle. See ya's for tomorrow! P.S: I have a new project to show you's!

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