Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday 27th February

Monday *Groan*

Today was interesting. Oh the joy of a Monday morning, I didn't even get a chance to sleep through form! I do the school newspaper so I got to take photo's through a year sevens assembly. Some of you are thinking, 'Oh yes forgot to get my planner signed. Cbf to do spanish' etc. I'm more likely thinking, 'Oh dear god i'm going to be flashing all around'. Which I did and startled the readers ickle eyes. One of them got rather peed off with me, but the teacher said the photo's were amazing. Aha. Don't you love it when you get low mark in a mock test? I went home, cried a tad and blamed 'The Old&Wise One' because it was her fault, 'Check your Twitter for me for those bags' eurgh. Those bags drive our family insane. More insane than everyone buzzing saying, 'WHAT YOU PICK FOR OPTIONS?'. Oh dear. See ya's for tomorrow, no cake yet. Awaiting tomorrow's bday cake. See ya's and get your entries in!

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