Monday, 6 February 2012

Monday 6th February


Today was interesting. Eurgh Monday. Thank gawd I was snowed in, but seriously if Heathrow Airport is having problems why aren't the schools having problems? It takes me normally 20 minutes to drive to school so when it snows it will either take me 2 hours or my mum keeps me at home. Simple as. Home alone is rather freaky, you can be in the bathroom and shriek at the noises from outside. Pfft, like i'm scared! The awkward moment you open your front door (For your mummy) and a whole pile of snow decides to drop on top of you! Cheek of it, some things do have a mind of their own. The awkward moment you're in a Twitter giveaway and have just got yourself into twitter jail, then realise you spelt the twitter id name wrong :L fml. To brighten the day I made a delicious jambalaya tonight for dinner, smelt delish. I swear one day i'll just receive a cooking show offer. Haha! See ya's for tomorrow, what does happen when a fashionista turns up to a museum?

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