Thursday, 9 February 2012


The Kardashian klan have all been stealing each others lip tatoo's and starting a new trend! A slightly kooky trend this is, but it's still something fashionable! You can either go checker board like Kim Kardashian, glittery like her sister Khloe or Lady Gaga and wear the union jack like Jessie J. With Valentines day fastly approaching you can always be a sweetheart and go for love hearts! For this trend I think we can rely on Minxies Glamour for this, her slogan 'You haven't been glamourised until you've been minxalised' says it all and they are the masters of this trend! If you spend over £10 you get a free set of lips! To get your hands on these and test the trend for yourself go to and if you do test them out email some piccies to get yourself shown on the site

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