Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday 18th February


Today was interesting. The last Saturday of half term! Darn it. Well the day started off well with a lie in, unusual for me. London Fashion Week launched yesterday, and i'm excited but not too excited. I've seen some shows from New York so far and not impressed, DKNY oh dear. I think I wanna see more than a plain shift dress in different colours? But I love Betsey Johnson, she always ticks the boxes for myself. Plus her models don't look dead! I think tomorrow I might post the best outfit from every show, every hour, from London. Fingers crossed for Mulberry's new day travel bag. I also endured the pain of not even dancing Z-Listers on 'Let's dance for comic relief' and She came downstairs when JLS were talking charity and how they are helping. "Raising money? You're still in that Ferrari aren't you? Sell that and then you can rehome everyone in Africa" Gotta love mums sometimes! Then when JLS went on to perform, 'Oh look they're all wearing those trousers which show off your whole arse'. Awkward moment you're wearing one right infront of the mother... See ya's for tomorrow and some wowzers at fashion week (Hoping!). To top it off, I WON A GIVEAWAY OH YES ANOTHER CLAIREABELLA ON THE WAY! See ya's for tomorrow!

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