Saturday, 25 February 2012

Kid at crimbo happy!

A lovely Claireabella bag came today for 'The Old&Wise One?' see, when I get someone hooked on these bags, they can't stop! She even said she wouldn't order anything till she gets her bonus, and she's ordered 4! I'm still on my 2 (Classic and Original) and actually won one last week, so rather happy :) If I worked I would splash out on more, me and her do contests to see who's bag gets the most compliments when out shopping (I'm winning :P). The sister isn't as happy with this one< She wanted her dress like Lauren Goodger's. And apparently this isn't what she wanted. I love her hairstyle on this bag, and the colours. Only thing i'm not keen on is the bottom eye lashes look like they need to be given another paint job, the bag looks hardly painted and there's a big splodge (I love the word splodge, don't you?) of glue on it. If we compare to Lauren's dress, what do you girlies think? girlies!

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