Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Tuesday 14th February

Valentines Day!

Today was interesting. What's an odd day for valentines day to fall on? Cleaning day. Hooray. Well it's better than sitting next to It, watching Disney Channel looking for her love message to her boyfriend to come up. You have to watch every single little message, there's millions of them! Great way to feel lonely. I mean I'm past the 'Age-Disney-Didn't-Repulse-Me'(I did even email a CEO of the company regarding a stereotype in a show, no reply what a plonker). But when I had a browse today, it's hard to to laugh at a show when they're making you cry! I still quiver when 5 year olds have boyfriends... And then you go onto the world of Facebook, get sent a message from some paedo and you have millions of friends saying, 'I LOVE MY BF SO MUCH' and you're casually thinking, 'Get off my feed and get into his bed?'. You know. See ya's for tomorrow love birds. P.S: High five to anyone who didn't send any cards and didn't receive any! Awh, now I gotta email She one. Fudge Valentines Day, bring on Shrove Tuesday!

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