Friday, 10 February 2012

Friday 10th January


Today was Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! Today was pretty interesting, awkward moment when there's a ginger boy down the high street and you shout out, 'OH MY GOD IT'S ED SHEERAN!' And run up to this ginger boy, and of course it isn't Ed Sheeran. The sheer embaressment let's just say she'll be struggling to show her face again down the town. Eurgh, when boys go into school and they look as rough as. Nah, someones not been smoking or doing drugs on the way to school or anything, total utter nonsence they say. Stupid brats. Well they are boys you don't see many girls doing it, well not many sensible girls who I'd have a chat with. More the, 'Step back babes, periods only last five days not every day love' type of girl. And apparently it's attractive to be like that? Fat chance. That's like saying it's attractive to pee on the floor. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow!

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