Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday 21st February


Today was interesting. A new picture today with better quality thank lord! I've inherited a new camera from a sibling, so you will be receiving better pictures now! (You can see one of my babys in the background). Today I went, flowy and with a purple necklace. As I have an exam in ten days, I have to cram in as much revision as I possible can, so I arranged a 'Revision party' which I thought would turn out like 'That's so Raven's study party. (WTF did they take that show off air and replace it with anorexic brats with stupid catchphrases which got me told off for repeating?).  It was going so well until the moment I came back from the loo, and realised everyone was staring at me. I started to sit down and read normally. Then they burst out with laughter. After a few minutes my mum let me in on the joke - I had the back of my new t-shirt tucked into my I LOVE CATS pants. Not long after my studiers made an excuse to leave... See ya's for tomorrow!

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