Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday 1st February


Today was interesting.Pinch punch first day of the month, NO RETURNS! I seriously cannot decide my options for technology! Graphics, Textiles or Catering! Eurgh :@ I love graphics because I'm quite creative and like creating logo's and things, everyone thinks i'll choose textiles because I adore fashion and want to go to the clothes show live again, i'm useless on a sewing machine though! I'm okay designing, but making i'd rather hire someone to do it for me! Catering, yummy everyone loves catering. It's an easy GCSE and it's pretty scrummy. What to choose? HELP! Technology itself today was rather boring, no cooking today *Sign* we had to research things we could of made. I guess its a way to save money, have a teacher sick for the day. The rest of the day was boring. Because i'm a 'Baddaman' I play on my phone in school wiv my bro's enit, i'm like gangsta bludz. My crush happened to walk by and take my phone to see what cool things I had on it (Or hadn't). He just so happened to pick it on the day after he uploaded a smoking picture of him, which I edited into a heart for my phone wallpaper. Oh crap my pants. He dropped the phone, haha suckers. That's what you get for trying to frape me. See ya's for tomorrow!

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