Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th February


Today was interesting. She's birthday! Yay. What I love about birthdays, is you benefit from them aswell! Think about it, 4/5 days a year which are cooler than the rest. More beneficial, specially when someone orders take out. Or eating out. I have to say i'm normally a Pizza Hut lover, but honestly this weeks trip didn't amuse me. Delicious food, crap service. I ended up with juice! Juice! Not squash. Was the lady deaf or something? I mean she might of been from a job centre, but some respect to the customers please! I swear they have a different member of staff each week. But it feels so awkward when you don't get what you want, because they get peed off and you don't want them to spit in your food so you shush and get a rash all over your face. As you do when service stinks. What made me laugh the most Miss 'Dont-Listen-To-The-Customer-Bish' happened to be the manager, so she was training this younger girl who was showing her up. And she screwed up by saying, 'No, that's not right'. Yes listen to the manager who caused a girl to vomit on the food and go home itching their face. Nice. off to get a slice of cake. Ah yes. Who else has that mum who tries too hard not to spill on the table, and then she spills and world war three breaks out. Gee, you would of thought we were in a fight over something big. Not a stain. Gee wizz. See ya's for tomorrow!

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