Monday, 20 February 2012

Monday 20th February


Today was interesting, oh the joy of back to school on Monday! But seriously, 'The Old & Wise One?' gets Monday and Friday off work! How unfair. I find it silly we have to do a test the first day back, they expect us to multitask by revising everything at once. They seriously think we might not find ourselves describing what I did at the weekend in french, on a maths test paper? Ever rushed late for the first day and slapped on what you think is your 'Moisturiser and anti-blemish' cream, then you get to school and have to face the embaressment that it didn't moisturise my skin at all, it caused an orange stain all over my skin, making my blemish worse and shaving half my eyebrow off? Worst first day back ever. And yeah when you're ready to punch your maths teacher for not setting you homework or going over probably the hardest question in the test, worth the most marks in the test. Lovely. See ya's for tomorrow and keep up with the giveaway, tell those friends because more Facebook likes would be great!

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