Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday 5th February


Today was interesting. Yes, a Sunday can be interesting. When you wake up to a blanket of snow, my reactions well it's snow so if we don't get a day off i'll be peed off for the week, but seriously if you cannot get your car out of the drive way they still make you drive it? If the buses and trains are cancelled, surely that means half the school won't bother showing up. Funny thing that happened today in the snow, snow being ice cold I decided to go out and I must of looked obese as I was stared at quite a bit by little children. I walked down the street with my dog, a german shepherd monster. He is so playful and just wants to get his own way all the time (Sounding familar?) ended up being walked by me, in the thick 5-6 inches of snow. My wild dog decided to pull me along the curb, just pulling along whilst he was running. It started to sing, 'That's how we roll'. Ah the snow, know any snow dances? I might do some snow angels in my bed later. See ya's for tomorrow!

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