Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday 7th February


Today was interesting. A school trip to the 'Natural History Museum' yay, some would say you know if you're into dinosaurs others would be hyped as they miss P.E (Likeh meh). Firstly, after being snowed in yesterday i'd been ditched on the coach by my 'friends' thats the one thing that bugs me being in a five, the buddy system. So we got to the museum and there was a massive dinosaur skull in our faces, what a pretty sight. Lets just say the museum was very knowlegable, and it was probably a textbook in one. I've never had a conversation about subducting plates before! I also haven't seen a T-Rex in action, very cool you could say. Coach trips on the other hand are about as cool as a desert. Everyone screams, not cool when you've got a headache. What's scary is the way everyone is so fascinated with hobo's... T'was also It's birthday today! My fabulous, gorgeous sister who I hope is not reading, enjoy your birthday! Nightmare. I was literally her commander when the little bratty brother asked for a laptop slot I was all, 'You messin' wid the birthday girl?' she wanted me to sound all Eddie Murphy. But when the old and wise one? shouts at her and makes her cry (On her birthday) and ruins the atmosphere, just over a silly little thing, I did lose it. Losing it with a 27 year old. Nice. But I won over the birthday girl, can't wait for my birthday :) I might have a toy gun to annoy the family with 'Step away from the birthday girl/boy unless you wanna meet their bodyguard!'. She got a one direction doll which seemed to lighten her morning this morning, smiles on faces really do make me happy sometimes :) See ya's for tomorrow!

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