Saturday, 2 June 2012

Born in the summer haze (8)

Summery sandals!
SUN SUN SUN, HERE IT COMES! (8) Well, not today; When I was out in my shorts freezing. I did promise you some Summery shoes. I may be a tad late, but I haven't been feeling springy this week so here's the article! Aztec has been everywhere this season, even on the footwear and Amazon doesn't disappoint. Here's my top 4!
1) The bottom two are standard, the top two are fabulous. I love the lilac feathers and the beading, you can feel like a Red Indian goddess! The sandals are man made and are great for festivals :) These beauties are priced at £7.99 which isn't too bad for the quality you receive. They really remind me of Ugg style shoes. To get a closer look, look here:

2) OMFG, LOOK AT THESE SHOES! So much fabulosity! Perfect for holiday goers, or festivalers. I prefer the grey shade compared to the black and white as the grey is more natural. These low wedges are made from man made leather and have peacock style, feather detailing. I will be buying these for my holiday to Turkey as I think these will just suit the holiday. Not necessarily my clothes, but I can change! I personally think khaki would work well and also muted colours- Also being tanned would suit (Back garden in a bit!).Priced at £12.99 each.  To have a look at the Louis Vuitton lookalikes (Second pic), click here:

3) Under £5 for a pair of sandals. Say what! Okay, so they're not the nicest but they have the best reviews and best price, so they're worth a glance. In my opinion, these are the most wearable sandals. They would also look fantastic with the ditzy, summer dresses shown earlier this week. So how about it?

4) These are sweet. Very nice for evening wear, how could anyone resist these? They wouldn't hurt your feet aswell mainly because they're so comfy! They also have raving reviews, and they 'Look really expensive'. Check these babies out at a tenner:

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