Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tuesday 5th June

Today was interesting. Today I actually decided to socialize with the girlies- girlies my own age. Had enough of working with 5 year olds, bubbles in my lunch is a no no.  I was out in town with my friends (We were the ones who were acting like retards on the street, as you do) and I was dawdling behind as they went on ahead of me looking for early birthday presents, I hoped (Three months, woop woop. Time to check out birthday cakes!) . I spotted my crush so I decided to run and catch up with my friends. I didn't notice that outside Lush they were giving out test samples of soap and had a big bowl of water, must of been rain water (Did you see the rain!). I went flying into it, knocking the water and the samples everywhere. My crush and his mates all saw and thought it was hilarious. At least I smelt nice-ish. No one realised my gross, greasy hair thank lord! Yes, I didn't have time this morning. The most boring thing to do is sit watching people at a swimming pool. I actually fell asleep. Good job it was only the siblings. Quite funny to see It showing off. They have to have an audience, don't they? They won't swim if there's spectators; if not they're not interested. Like most children really. Anywho, got to go. Going to 'bust a move'. See ya's for tomorrow!

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