Thursday, 28 June 2012

Today was interesting. I'm such a good girl, I went from a volunteer interview to more volunteering. I think it's so rewarding; and the exercise is good too. If you have time for Facebook you have time to give back (Not farmville gifts).
Guess what?! My sister 'That' was lying to me, she hasn't sold a single thing! Oh yes. In Art it was amazing; I got into a fight you know. Had the fake blood on my face to prove it. Even scared a few people. 'You shouldn't be doing that to yourself' 'Are you alright?'. Gosh, I must of scared the passerby's too. I was walking home with a (slightly evil) grin on my face, a black eye, a bruised nose and a fractured finger. They must of thought the freakshow had come to town or they wanted to call the police. Not my fault i'm amazing with stage make-up. My art teacher gave me a black eye. Literally. Black eyes with fake blood; if I ever bleed I hope my blood tastes as nice as that did. 'Mummy, blood tastes nice' I'm not encouraging people to say that to their Mum's. I sound like some vampire, 'BLOOD TASTES AMAZING.' As a vampire would say, LOL. Not cool when you walk past a nursery on the way home from school... I'm not responsible for any popped ear drums...
My holiday is booked, lovely jubbly. Where's everyone going? This is for next year so this year I can scribble in my planner, '365 days to go' tbh i'm not to fussed. Well I am but i'm not. I'm one of those people who look forward to the simple things like going home and having my dinner, playing the Wii with the fam. Anyway, my mum knows i'm allergic for chlorine and she books a holiday to a blooming water park. C'mon mum. She even says, 'What will you be doing all day?' 'I might pop along to the gym, i'm pretty quick on the tread mill'. 'Oh you can swim, stop being a wuss, that was just an excuse'. So going to the doctors for an allergy test was a lie? LOL. Yeah right Mum. She's probably reading this thinking, 'She's great with comebacks, but she's too wussy to say it to me.' See ya's for tomorrow! Don't forget to check out my t-shirts at fab prices:

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