Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday 23rd June

Today was interesting. Felt like showing off my gorgeous hooded jacket and my awkward face; oh and my teenage greasy hair and skin- which it doesn't  matter how much you wash it, it still looks like crap. Oh well, wearing Summery colours always helps wipe away the English weather. It came back from Paris today, with photos of her actually crowd surfing. She also met the French mayoress and endured pate. She brung back French Milka chocolate. WITH OREO'S INSIDE! Turns out the weather was worse than English weather (If that's possible). 

Today, I went to my town's 'carnival' which was pretty, pathetic and boring. There was nothing there, no fireworks, no 'fabulous displays', no Zumba. Well there was Zumba. Who in their blatant, mind would go out in hot pants and a crop top, in this weather? Ok, she was doing 'exercise' which was hugging her boyfriend but seriously, it was so annoying. She was just stood there shivering and hugging her boyfriend, suggestively. I do hate those, 'LOOK AT ME!' types. Or maybe she was just a bit silly. Bless her. The Zumba instructor was rather interesting, gay of course. He persuaded me to dance with the crowd, he had a market seller's approach. The pushy type. I'm not going to shake my hips infront of grannies thank you very much. That's why when I exercise it's when everyone's away.

 My bestie and I went home to hers for a sleepover and we had gone out to rent a DVD. When we were walking home, I noticed my hands had turned blue, and my friend got really worried. Her parents decided that I should go to hospital to be checked out, and called my dad to take me. When I finally got seen to, we explained to the doctor what had happened and how worried we were. He listened to us, then, mortifyingly, asked me to wash my hands. It turned out I had, 'New-blue-trouser-dye-itus'. See ya's for tomorrow and the surprise!

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