Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday 3rd June

Today was interesting. No Sunday night feeling this evening! Well, tomorrow's the first day of half term. A bank holiday = I have reached the limit with my bedroom and will do a bedroom bliss. You know how it is when you're floor has reached its capacity. (Well i'm classier, I use a chair for all the clothes I wear during the week).  Jubilee fever, thank lord I have a t-shirt saying 'Very Important Princess' hopefully i'll outdo your majesty. I actually sat and watched the Jubilee celebration - after a lecture about "You won't see this for another 300 years!'. To be honest, the Queen didn't look as if she was enjoying the fuss. Can't blame her. There was a street party a round the corner; after a gruelling dance rehearsal, She and I took a peak at the street party. I never knew street parties had bouncy castles! I did think they had Victoria Sponges and actual stalls there and have a long table. Like a picturesque Marks and Sparks ad. 'This isn't any street party' cue for licking lips, 'This is a M&S street party' in reality there's nothing there and is quite bare. What made me laugh about the jubilee is that the Queen had two immaculate chairs infront of her. Why didn't she sit down! She was stood for about 3/4 hours and didn't sit down. Anywho, see ya's for tomorrow. x

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