Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tuesday 26th June

Today was interesting. It felt like everyone rub everything in everyone else's face day. One moment it's all, 'Woah a new clothing line, you clever minx!' the next it's your bestie saying, 'I joined Twitter and I got followed by Justin Bieber, what does that mean?'. OMD. Can you believe she said that? Ok, she's from a different culture where parents are strict on about everything (I can't say the country because i'll get a load of rubbish) but they have strong morals against joining Facebook, pictures of you online etc... A 14 year old who has just joined Twitter, omd. My 11 year old sister codes websites! Js and she's really ditzy. I'll have to sit explaining Twitter for the week. She also still watches Disney Channel. Might cry. Speaking of Twitter, I got an email back saying I won't be unsuspended anymore and it will take an hour for it to work again. IT'S STILL NOT WORKING! Cry ;'( Speaking of my 11 year old sister; after I launched my clothing line she turns around and starts her own. Guess what? She's had more orders than me. Quite annoyed. Specially after I spammed the whole of Facebook and she just asked one person who did a load of advertising for her. I've never said this expression before but, 'well jel'. Anywho, I'm revising for my exam- which I just heard about today and the exam happens tomorrow. School, 'I am not amused' say that posh for the effect. Oh yeah, revising with your mum repeating herself, 'WATCH THE BATH' when i'm sat in the bathroom practically watching its every move. See ya's for tomorrow, fingers are crossed for this exam. It is foundation so hopefully i'll come out exclaiming the easiness of it. Whenever I get a C I bake a big chocolate cake for me :)

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