Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday 15th June

Today was interesting. Today in SCOPE (Basically PHSE, or whatever it's called. Where you learn about life, yay...) and of course we were doing the sex ed lesson. Nothing interesting happened. Our starter was 'Write words linked to sexual activity, starting with S'. My friend got saucy and wrote 'spooning'. As you can see, anyone who didn't know any better would think I had sex torrets. Sex and sixty nine, wink wink. Awkward moment you have to say it out loud... Giggle. Giggle. Giggle. Sixty. Giggle.Giggle. Giggle. Nine. Burst out laughing. My friends weren't as saucy, i'm amazing giggling like a little girl. We didn't play with any condoms this time, it was all about trust. No sexual videos. Except Johnny Condom, with probably the worst and scariest Michael Jackson impersonator ever. He was bright, red and had a massive nose (Frankly, it could of been anything). Awkward moment your mum looks in your planner and sees 'Explore sex website'...Anyway. If you're feeling a bit bored or down, tip is to look at someone's abs. I'm checking out 'Maz's now. Lush. Not actually keen on his face, but keep those abs coming. x See ya's for tomorrow x

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