Thursday, 21 June 2012

Moses supposes his toes are roses!

Singin' in the rain, the title always makes me go into song. 

I'm probably one of a few people my age (I'm 14) who are transfixed by 1920's Hollywood; and Marilyn Monroe in particular of a later time. There wasn't many teenagers in the theatre, which I did expect, the original was made in 1955. When I read an article in the Daily Mail about the show, it said it was a flop. But, looking at the poised 'Gene Kelly' in the photo, I knew there was going to be a lot of flawless dancing, which I may go home and cry to my dance teacher about.

Before the show- like at any theatre there's always a kiosk with the logo printed on everything in every section of the building. I picked up a souvenir photo book and a pretty keyring. Yes, I actually parted with cash but hey I had my first job recently, I thought why not. As you can see, it's quite pretty and is colour blocking. It also happened it was more expensive than 'The Old&Wise One?'s keyring, a yellow umbrella. As you can see their photography (and ability to make the keyring pose perfectly) is far more exquisite than mine.

As for the production, it was fabulous. The set was a bit like a car showroom, very grey and neutral. The production started off as a movie premiere and (as I was in the middle next to the walk through, the cast were right next to me as they walked down!) the cast walked down the 'red carpet' including 'Lina Lamont' who was identical to Monroe. Her walk was how I would've imagined Marilyn. She wiggled her hips side to side and her voice was very, 'BADDA BING BADDA BOOM!' that kind've era in a female version when they are screechy.

Of course you had the movie-esque Gene Kelly moment, when Adam Cooper (Royal Ballet performer, you could tell) trailed the streets in his kick bull changes and ballet moves. The front rows were soaked. I loved the build up to the rain, the strobe lighting (for lightning) and the music was phenomenal. I rarely notice the music in shows, but the music was grande and marvelous. When Cooper portrayed Kelly during the iconic number, he did it with such poise. Such porosity when he kicked the water for the front row!

The one downside to the show I wasn't too fond of was,'Make 'em laugh' sequence. In the film, the falling into walls and ladders was a lot more genuine. In the show the actor wasn't in time with the music and the plonks and wallops of the music weren't there. In the film, this routine never fails to make me laugh but in the play it wasn't as 'bigged up' as it was proposed to be.

Overall, the show has inspired me to go and become a tap dancer. I was going to look into it anyway, but with 3 months till my birthday that would be an interesting birthday present. 'Santa, make me a tap star!'. My birthday this year is on the McMillan cancer coffee morning day (Something along those lines) so I will have to bake some cake and organise something. I'd like to say a huge thank you to my older sister and if the cast are reading, keep up the great work! (And if you could get me on the west end email me!). I need to rethink my career choice. Model or west end actress extravaganza? I always seem to discover something and fall in love with it. Byee! x

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