Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday 18th June

Today was interesting. I would've had a giveaway planned but over the weekend, teenage drama. I hate when you argue with siblings and you just get grilled completely. My mind goes blank under pressure so I sit gormlessly. 'WELL, OH LOOK YOU DON'T CARE' and you're sat thinking, 'THINK BRAIN THINK!' and you have an Inbetweeners cock slap moment with your brain. Why is it always us? Why do we have to be angels (PFFT, but okay) in school and stop controlling the mouth after school? Anyway, i'm going to start seeing a counsellor, so hopefully i'll have a positive aura. Anywho, this is meant to be a fun blog. I had a surprise test today. Yay, was my teacher's reaction. After getting told the whole year group had to retake an English test earlier, I was a little frustrated with the 'test' word. Specially as I was one mark off my B grade and someone got an A in my class. 'THAT'S MY PAPER, MY HANDWRITING!'. In the middle of a French test my best friend started kicking me under the table, as rude as friends are... Trying not to giggle I threw her a note telling her to stop but completely missed her desk. Hoping our teacher wouldn't notice I stretched as far as I could to pick it up but lost my balance, knocking my pencil case flying. I may have looked clumsy but at least it distracted everyone from the note. Involving the words:goat, eye, abs, sex, laxatives. See ya's for tomorrow!x

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