Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday 19th June

Today was interesting. Ah buy one get one free at pizza hut today- trust me to know, i've pigged out enough today.Best way to get what you want, 'Muuummmm, it's buy one get one free at Pizza Hut today...' She gave in today, as she doesn't like the Pizza Hut prices. But I did say no to dessert, *Happy dance!* Thing with rice cakes is they're only about 30calories then you find out there's chocolate ones for 60 calories and you can't just have one... Oh well, the rest of the week i'll be good (hopefully). Have you ever been sat under test conditions and you just sit there sneezing awkwardly? It's so awkward and of course it's the day hand sanitizer just vanishes- conveniently. Anywho, this week it's set to be sunnier than Paris. Where 'It' is going on holiday next week, she'll be touring France with her school orchestra she might just come back with photos of her crowd surfing and all her new fans. She does play guitar and does get the opportunity to rock the electric one! Downside is when it's sunny over here;meanwhile in Paris it will be raining. Na nicky na na. Anywho, you know I went to see Legally Blonde a few months ago- and my favourite character was the gay, hairdresser and Kyle? Well in school they did the same play and they didn't gay him up at all or funny him up at all! Bit of a let down. Tomorrow i'll be at the theatre, so if you're in the west end too i'll be the one miming the words along. See ya's for tomorrow, I'll be on my phone so might not be a long recount :)

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