Monday, 11 June 2012

Today was interesting. I dragged myself out of bed this morning dreading school. Tiredness. Dark circles. Early nights. Writing wobbly. Art club. WORK. No more laptop, shopping and friends for the week. Well all of them but a lot less. Well we started GCSE Graphics today which was interesting. We're doing movie posters and I found out on my birthday, 'Zoolander' came out. Fate isn't it? A film about a model, on the day a wannabe model was born. Weird. Anyway, awkward moment you google 'romcoms' and you get awkward pictures come up and your teacher checks your screen. Ooops. Every just walked into the canteen and there's some teacher having a hissy fit about 'GIRLS SIT DOWN' we just bloody walked in. LOL. We literally went bright red. Made me laugh cos there were no seats there! See ya's for tomorrow darlings!

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