Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday 1st June!

Today was interesting. Pinch punch first day of the month, NO RETURNS! YAY! Half term and the Jubilee. Well, let's be frank i'm not too bothered about the Jubilee as I have no sparkly, tiaras so I am automatically jealous. I might just sit on my own throne (Couch) and scoff myself with Victoria Sponge. Surprised they haven't renamed it 'Elizabeth Sponge'. Awkward moment some chav shouts out 'OI LIZ' in the middle of the ceremony; in the quiet part. You can just imagine it can't you? Oh well. I haven't been feeling too well recently. I've been attacking mosquitos every night, you would think i'm on holiday but i'm not. I'm in Britain. I've now got my cream to spray (Instead of deodorant to spray at them!) so i'm off to go and take some calpol and spray these pests. Do you think the Queen pulls the cover over her head and says, 'LOOK PHILLIP I'M A STAMP!'?
See ya's for tomorrow! x Hectic day.

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