Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday 17th June

Today was interesting. Why is it always you declare you will save up your money, so it goes in the bank and you find out that Lipsy has a sale on! I even said to She, 'Shame, I really wanted the thong charm bracelet'. *Spit take*. Oh yeah she thoroughly enjoyed her lemsip, which I then had to clean it up... Then I showed her the piccie and she loved it. Imagine if the thong trended. Not that thong, although lets be honest those thongs trend alot. Did the online shopping today and mucked up the online shopping today. I swear food prices just dramatically increase. We only got about 8 bags of shopping for £160. I specifically ordered tiger bread bagels, on the receipt it said I ordered them. WHY AREN'T THEY THERE? I get lame cheese&onion bagels. Not like i'm allergic to cheese or anything. I'll be the one dying in school then, yay. Infact, I should take piccies of my actual fridge. Thank lord cookies were two for £1 tho. So funny doing the food shopping with She, I always try to say 'Why not try the cheaper brands?' she just goes 'How very dare you' and buys the cheap 16p water to shut me up. It is quite funny when she's sarcastic mum. Everything's just automatically fun. I aWho else has been in the car when your Mum is naming all the drivers who get in her way? Awkward moment she does it in Scottish accents, phaha. What's been grinding my gears this weekend is the Geordie Shore commerical. The one with the girls vomiting on the beach, classy. The one line which gets me is, 'Makes TOWIE look like Downton Abbey' er hello? TOWIE and Downton Abbey have one numerous awards. Last time I checked vomiting on the beach wasn't cool. Or abusing wheelchairs. Okay, I get what Jack Whitehall meant with it being old, I think. You can tell how many episodes of Friends i've been watching... See ya's for tomorrow!

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