Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday 25th June

Well well well, Monday morning, another day to dread! I woke up to find a stack of pancakes on a large plate in the front room. The aroma made me smile. But then I realized that the pancakes weren't for me; for my THE BEST BROTHER EVER. I had to take the bus to school that morning, as I sat down, I felt a large piece of chewing gum wedged into my bum! At least I had my iPod there to comfort me, until I saw my headteacher boarded the bus and I had to hide it to avoid getting into trouble. When I arrived at school, I was greeted by my friends. They were happy to see me, but I dreaded seeing them because it meant another long week was about to start. During form, my form tutor got me confused with a really ugly girl and everyone burst into a chuckle. The rest of the day was fine until it came to P.E. I forgot my kit and had to use lost property. The only suitable thing in lost property was an ill fitted yellow leotard, made out of the dreaded lycra material; out of the 80's. Oh god. I wanted to die right then. Thank god I wasn't a man, but I got an equally, horrifying camel toe. OOPS. That was disturbing. But, I have secured myself volunteer work for the summer. I will be making a difference, I should start a campaign to raise awareness shouldn't I? Imagine me endorsing the big, glossy ad campaigns. See ya's for tomorrow. x

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