Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wednesday 2nd May

Today was interesting. Here's the photo's from my first paid modeling job- my friends seem to adore them, I tweeted them to Tyra Banks. Hopefully she approves. I think i'd die if she did turn around and RT me. The concept was, 'When Spring is in the air' and they were photographed by the gorgeous ladies at We were all in vintage, tea dolly dresses. I was in blue :) This isn't really 'on trend' as such this season, this season is more exotic florals. But ditzy are still acceptable :P As for today, gotta love really tough teachers in the gym. It's always 3 weeks till your exams that you find the best revision website ever. And you moan, 'WHY DIDN'T I DO THAT BEFORE!'. Oh well. Better now than never. I forget stuff a lot so have to write stuff down all the time to remind myself. One day I had just got to my first lesson and I noticed people sniggering at me a little bit. It got worse and worse throughout the class, but I just ignored them. I asked my best friend what was so funny and she said nothing, so I carried on ignoring it. At the end I nipped into the girls' loos, and that's when I discovered it - I'd written a note to myself on the back of my hand and had managed to rub it all over my face. There were massive blue streaks all over my cheeks. Great. What ever 'model' desires. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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