Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tuesday 22nd May

Today was interesting. Gotta love the weather! Last P.E lesson we were shivering; this lesson we were tanning! Cheek of some chavs though. One of them was singing some song which was apparently High School Musical. She even said, 'I can't remember the song' and the bratty one who-shaved-their-eyebrows-off said, 'Ask one of the sad people on the team, ask her' she pointed at me and called for me. Yes, I'm really so sad that I rave to High School Musical and get it stuck in my head. Maybe 8 years ago darling, fudge off kfanx. I was at the bus stop with a lot of people that I don't really see that often so naturally I was trying to act cool. It was really quiet, and my phone rang, which normally wouldn't be a problem. As it was quite a popular, flashy phone I did show it off a bit. However, my friend had recorded me a ringtone shouting out my crush's name. Everyone stopped and stared at me as I desperately rummaged through my bag to switch it off. Died. Of. Embarrassment.Now known as the girl with the best phone. AND the best ring tone. yeah right. See ya's tomorrow and for my latest Youtube video!x

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