Thursday, 17 May 2012

Thursday 17th May

Gotta love 'optional exams' yes the teachers just make you do it, even if it's optional. Cheek of it. I even had to scribble a whole page of 6 mark questions in 10 minutes. eh. I was so cockey beforehand, but I just panicked. I don't work well under pressure. The whole hall knew that as I yawned loudly. Then due to the popularity of that yawn (and the attention I received) I accidentally alerted the hall that lunchtime had just 'popped' by. #TotalInbetweenersMomentRightHere What made it worst was you normally hear the pens scribbling, but there was no pen noise. I'm guessing everyone was stuck and were awaiting some action. Anyway we got pen pals today, mine's from Honduras and hasn't replied to me yet. They said to me first, 'Hi Keira, I'm from Honduras and would like to know more about your country' sounds like they've been taught stalker tactics in Honduras; along with their spiffingly good weather. Can always rely on volunteer work to cheer you up. Although they're colouring sweets, eating chocolate etc. Childhood obesity say whaaaat? Had a bit of a fat day tho, i've been craving so much junk it's unreal. Sometimes I say no. Sometimes I go and get one smartie to make up for it. Sometimes I take two or three. Most of the time I take a huge handful and shove it in one. I don't know how people call me skinny. But I guess I went without chocolate and sweets for 6 months, now it's come back on me. Karma. Oh well see ya's for tomorrow! :)

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