Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday 30th May

Today was interesting. I made a bad boy of a chocolate cake! Literally when I got home I was all, 'Mommas cake, no go area!'. More good news, as i've made it so discrete- I'm obsessed with Rihanna's latest tune. To be told that we're doing the dance to it, WOOOOO! Who doesn't want to try that wobbly leg move. EPIC. Anywho, having a test while being told we can look at our notes? How epic is that. Quite bugged my 'epal' hasn't replied to me yet. It's basically a email pen pal, from around the world. Mine's from Honduras and is called 'Ana L'. Yes, it's true. Put it together and you're some sick minded, teenager who I love! I'm rather sick minded. I never knew people in Honduras had Internet access. How weird. In our school library we have a mannequin of the Queen with a mask on it. So I thought, when no-one was looking, dress as the Queen! Backfired when I had a bit of hayfever and sneezed, the mask then flew up! LOL. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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