Friday, 18 May 2012

Friday 18th May

ITS FRIDAY, FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY. How exciting a weekend of revision (Screaming on the inside) for an exam on a Monday morning. Monday morning? Are they insane? First thing on a Monday. I can barely get up out of bed on a Monday without shoving cream which isn't moisturizer on, let alone remember electrolysis! Dudging dieting. Give up chocolate and junk for like 6 months; today I went and did it again. Darn you ice cream truck. Darn you Mum for stocking up the cupboards and thinking of me. Not saying that ungratefully but she knows I can't resist a chocolate croissant, with running stream of chocolate. OOOOH. I'd show you, but it's gone and i'm done vomiting up stuff.  I was sitting in a classroom at lunch reading my revision guide while my teacher went to get practice papers. Then some guys walked in, year 10 guys. Oot. I decided to leave them to it and go and find my friends, so tried to act all cool as I got up. It was a shame then that I didn't see the stuck-out chair, I went flying right into the teacher's desk. Also one of the boys thought it was a genius idea to clean her desk (Must of been suck ups trying to get off detention. Only way i'd tolerate that). So I fell on one of them. Course it had to be the short, scrawny one. Not the buff one. He must of thought it was a come on. Oh goodie. Oh well. Going to go and do some Zumba to burn this sugary goodness off. See ya's my lovelies!

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