Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday 26th May

Today was interesting. Let's go to the beach-each- yes my first paid job is going to the beach. Oh it wasn't paradise. Doing the awkward stomp in the sand. Fudging hate sand with passion but of course all the parents were there (I had to hand flyers to families). And of course they go right down to the bottom of the beach, past the challenging, stones. I came home with glass in my shoes... And when they refuse the leaflets you just die in your mind. Even more humiliating when I fell 'accidentally' on the sand. Then they took a leaflet, thinking it was for the society of mentally challenged children; which my 8 year old brother exclaimed. He was milking it little shiz. He volunteered to help me, did nothing but beg for a 99 flake. Found it so hard to keep my cool down there. What's worse is when people (Foreign) 'shoo' you away like i'm some maid. Cheek of some, good job I got paid. Or some of them just say 'NO' strongly, in their mere accents and give you a dirty look which is also quite gormless looking at the same time. I must of given away 200 odd, apparently tens of thousands will be there tomorrow for the airshow. In my house you can tell when it's on, you don't have to look outside. The house 'senses' it. Anyway the shapes were pretty bland anyway. Looked like squiggly lines. God another day of it all tomorrow; please say someone won't notice my mentally challengedness because if it's like today I might have 'anger management' down there. Then get some ice cream and shove it down meh. Worst of all- I DIDN'T TAN! I'm not one of those people who never tan either. I usually burn and get asked if I wash my face often. I think I might put some after sun on and become an orange for the day. See ya's for tomorrow lovelies! How have you been enjoying the sun?

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