Thursday, 3 May 2012

Thursday 3rd May

Today was interesting. Since i've been in the gym three times this week, I felt like such a show off when we went in there for P.E. today. I was doing my homework one evening, and couldn't find my maths worksheet anywhere, so I decided to do my English homework first, and find it later. I got bored really quickly and started writing about how much I hated doing homework on a blank bit of paper, getting slightly rude as time went by. I turned over to write more, when I realised I had been writing on the back of my maths homework all along. I even brought it into school this morning, half asleep (as usual) and stuck it into my book, with the rude comments on full view. It took 5 minutes to go by learning, for an inspector to come and check our books. Mine was in for a treat. They even asked, 'It seems like you don't enjoy school'. I had to smirk then. I've been cramming a whole three hours a night of revision these few days, feeling proud :) See ya's for tomorrow and remember to revise for your exams!

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