Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday 7th May

Today was interesting. Bank holiday Monday, what a day. I think I would of preferred a school day. I actually got a lot of revision done I even got fed up of this laptop! I turned it off three times, and turned it back on three times! No housework needed doing, no-one wanted me, no homework needed to be done. How bizarre. And when I am normally choca blocked with revision everyone's jumping down my throat. To contain my energy I thought, 'Hey lets bake something' so I go downstairs and look for eggs, flour knowing we had some. Of course we didn't. No baking. I then noticed we had cornflakes and chocolate, so I baked crispie cakes. Of course no room in the fridge. I rung up all my fabulous friends, they were stuck revising. Great. Bored and lonely. What has my life come to! On the picture side of things. I actually like the way I look in this one. Only thing is the blonde was positioned in a way that; she stole the shot completely. Plus she's taller than me! Anywho... See ya's for tomorrow!

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