Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday 15th May

Today was interesting. Well I woke at 6:30am this morning, not that impressive. Gotta love showers. You can be half asleep, but showers can always wake you up. Especially when there's a spider in the shower, almost drowned myself thanks to that little rat. Okay, i'm not one of those 'drama queens' who seem to live with itsy-bitsy spiders and have the same reaction as an American bimbo to the thought of breaking. You know the whole, 'Oh mi gosh I broke a nail!'. I'm not like that, or so I think not... Also woke up the whole house, but hey if my life is in the line here everyone seems to respect the spider's rights. Er hello! I'm family and I seem to be treated like a spider. Not being offensive to spiders but hey no-one likes them; except those creepy, weird people who keep them as pets. I really need to do videos of my blog. If you agree comment. You'll get to see my drama queen-ity. If that made any sense. Anywho, doing the macarena for everyone to see isn't the best thing I want to do with my life. My form tutor's all 'Learn the macarena' yeah right. As long as we fail our exams, make sure we know the macarena? Get a life. This is a dude who called us scumbags and who sits raving to Mindless Behaviour. If you haven't heard them get onto Youtube now. Weirdly my form tutor's 40 odd, so that makes it worse he raves to some kids who sound like Justin Bieber. Got to admit, it's a tad cringey when you sit next to hot guys but then you realise they smell nice. Smell nice= wearing something very similar to your perfume. I swear some boys just badly want to be girls, they just smell girlier each day. Must have a gang discussing girly scents. HAHAHA.

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