Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday 27th May


Today was interesting. Beaches can be some of the most beautiful and yet most frustrating places to go to, specially on a day like this when not you. But the whole town decides to go to the beach. Perfect if you're leaflet distributing. She told me to go to the supermarket with her and put some on the car screen wipers. Instead, I walked to a car park near the beach and put some there. Only thing was I was unsure I was allowed to do it (My Mum later said it was fine as nightclub people did it. Yes nightclubs always make things fine mum!) so I did like 10 cars and legged it- police were nearby! Kinda made a mess of my pants... just kidding. Made a mess of my hands when I may of purchased a few 99 flakes. What's the point in naming it a 99 if it isn't 99p? It's almost double that, ish. I did however give up giving leaflets as my feet were cut in places I never knew, and with sights I didn't really wanna see again. So I just gave a wad to a few shops on the way home to display. Have you ever sat in your back garden, on a deck chair and it flips up when you sit down on it. Gotta love the Sun. Here it comes... SUN SUN SUN HERE IT COMES <3  I love the way my sister's always willing to do my homework. Gotta love it, so I can be out sunbathing. Or burning. Like last year I hope I don't catch sun stoke, that was painful. Bathing with cuts- Not the one. See ya's for tomorrow! <3

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