Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday 4th May

Today was interesting. Don't you love opening emails saying, 'Can you attend a casting tomorrow' and it was sent yesterday and you're sat thinking, 'Should I go?' and within half an hour you're dressed and there. I'm not one of those girls who exclaim and prance around screaming, 'AHHH NOT ENOUGH TIME I NEED AT LEAST 3 HOURS TO BEAUTIFY MYSELF!'. Sometimes you can't tell the difference whether they have 'beautified themself'. Seriously the drama queens nowadays. Have you ever been in a studio; when the photographer brings in the fan? Breathtaking moment. Hair goes everywhere. Dress goes everywhere. Bra straps go everywhere. And you go everywhere. When leaping, you fall backwards. On your backside. Yay! Good job she didn't shoot that. Although she did like my diva poses :P See ya's for tomorrow, i'm viewing them on Tuesday so you'll be the first to see! (Well after me). See ya's! x

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