Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tuesday 8th May

What a day. You know when you finally get a test back, and they say, 'Only one person got 100%' and your teacher winks at you. So you get excited. Well I had that moment. Then I received my test and the girl who sits next to me who asked, 'Whats the difference between a jack in the box and a chatterbox?' got 100%! I got 95% which I got quite bugged about. Mainly because I always beat her in tests, or we get equal. Everyone's done the, 'Love-You-But-Hate-You' stare right? P.E was a dream. I love the game bench ball. First we all get split up so I get with the 'Cool people'. Sounded cool. Didn't when I couldn't bloody throw it over! First game I got it over, second it took me 10 times to throw it over! You could tell they were getting very fed up... So I just smiled, awkwardly. Cos that's how I roll. Then we went straight to the photographers to view my photos. My photos were on the big screen, oh god. They weren't bad, but near the end I got into it more. There were a few favourites tho :) Very annoyed on the website it said £20 when it was really £165, conning us practically. She had a 'Love-You-But-Want-To-Kill-You' face. Even bringing up that we'd have to go without food for a month! LOL. Nah, with my cooking skills we'll be well fed everyday. Well, burnt toast is rather nice. Just kidding, I can cook all sorts. I should actually do a food blog! (Comment if you'd be interested). Oh well. I was having a bath and, ’cause I was home alone, I set my MP3 player and speakers up just outside the bathroom door, so I could blast out my fave music as I enjoyed a nice, long soak. It also meant I could sing along as loudly as I liked without anyone hearing me – or so I thought. I suddenly saw the shadow of our window cleaner through the frosted glass. He couldn’t see me in the bath, but he could hear me yowling out Rihanna songs. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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