Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday 20th May

Today was interesting. #AhGotThatSundayNightFeeling! Today, I was mostly seen with sweat patches all day. No I wasn't on holiday, I was bizarly still in England. I was in a dance class, zumba-ing my way to a dance festival this Summer. Eh rehearsals, kinda needed it after a cookie for breakfast and 2 cookies yesterday. Feel free to call me unhealthy, but after the workout I did today :L At least these rehearsals will be burning off my sugar cravings during the week; I apologise for going ooooon about it, but i'm a teenage girl, you're a teenage girl you get me? The teacher even said, 'Sweating is good for you and your skin' er hello, going home to a spotty face didn't seem pleasant after that judgement. Went home to scoff my face and 'revise' for my exam tomorrow. What I hate about reading and screens is you receive the #DreadedMigraine within seconds and paracetamol doesn't help. If I ever just collapse in an exam hall, blame the paracetamol. Then it'll kick in, tad late. Oh well. See ya's for tomorrow and good luck to anyone taking their exams this upcoming week! NOW GET REVISING!x

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