Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24th May

Today was interesting. Mash banana, mash, mash banana. Getting songs stuck in my head which are waaay too immature for me. I had a stupid Disney song earlier, now I have the Banana song stuck in my head! What I love about volunteering is it's quite funny to interact with the kiddies. Interesting to know five year olds have heard of the word alcohol... Anywho, I sneaked into my Mum's bedroom and borrowed a couple of her plastic water-bags that she puts inside her bra to make her chest look bigger. It was only when I arrived at school that I realised I had P.E. Luckily, nobody noticed the bags as I was changing… In the lesson, we were doing basketball and a boy launched the ball at me. It slammed into my chest and the bags burst and leaked all over my clothes. Trust us to wear white polo shirts... Thank god i'm flat-chested, otherwise the class would of had an eyeful... Don't you hate feeling bloated in school? Feeling like some pregnant girl and it doesn't matter how many times you go to the toilet, the water doesn't come. I absolutely detest it! Specially when it makes you look fat. See ya's for tomorrow, hear more about my first paid job too! x Paid to go on the beach and tan? Yes, that's me.

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