Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday 6th May

Today was interesting. Highlight of my day was probably: making home made ice cream. YUM! Anywho, on with the catastrophe of today. You gotta love a garden show. So firstly the online payment wasn't working, so we had to pay normal pricing. You're probably thinking, 'So what!' so what, She acted like she hadn't seen the scrumptious delights called cupcakes on display. She was on a 'diet'. Bearing in mind she had to stop at Waitrose to pick up chocolate mousse afterwards. She saw me eying up those cupcakes, 'Should of bought your own money'. My own money? She makes it seem like I have all the money in the world and I don't spent it on handbags. But when there's cupcakes, you must be mad to say no! What does grind my gears about any fair is those sellers. Yes, you know the ones. The ones where you walk over, the minute you walk over, they get out the truck and say, 'Hello pretty lady. My last day today, best time to buy them off me' yes this was said to my Mum (If it was me he'd have another thing coming). No price signs or anything, he would've made it up on the spot. But the minute you walk over, that minute they all pop out. You think it's deserted, but when there's a bag on view they all pop out! Rather creepy actually. Has anyone done the really snobby look and said, 'Just browsing' yes I do that. But She gets everyone laughing, when they're being insulted. 'You'd say that anyway. You're saying if I come here tomorrow, you won't be here without your price signs or anything. Lovely'. They always manage to laugh, yet they're being insulted. Bizarre people.

That, It and I all got free cycling, road safety bits, just for answering a few questions. They really do frown on you when you say, 'I drive to school' well if it takes me an hour to walk to school, i'm really going to walk there. Jeez. Takes such an effort to walk around here in the squelchy mud. It and That (The delectable brother and sister I put up with) started showing off, 'I ride to school! I've done bike ability' blah blah blah they carried on boasting. Oh well I still got a free pen. Gotta love food stands. They all sell boring hot dogs and they try to rip you off. £20 for 4 hot dogs. They make you die. Could go to a nice restaurant, and get something fancy for that dosh. Didn't even taste nice. It had a hog on the front! I'm not some animal rights person, but that's just wrong. I got a hot chocolate they make you die aswell. Paying £5 for a hot chocolate. No cream or anything. Who do they think they are Starbucks? It tasted bland aswell. Turns out it was Fairtrade and Gourmet. Yes Cadbury's isn't Fairtrade, it doesn't cost £5 for their hot chocolate. Na nicky na na. Off to eat my ice cream. How was your day? BANK HOLIDAY TOMORROW! WOOP. Sadly, i'm not in Reception anymore I have to spend it revising! Boo hoo. We rarely got any non-pupil days in primary. They all pop up in High School. Not much to get excited about anymore :( I now feel very old. See ya's for tomorrow! Comp launching tomorrow! xx

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