Monday, 14 May 2012

Monday 14th May

Today was manic. I actually got up at 5:50am this morning, surprising myself. Haven't seen the 5 in a while. Sign of relief much. Then I went back to sleep, half asleep more like. I was checking my phone every 5 minutes to make sure I didn't over sleep. God the day was great. REVISION, REVISION REVISION! Had enough of it. Had enough of a lot. I swear one of these days i'm going to rage at the bus drivers. Oh wait, I did. Waiting an hour for the bus is a joke. Doing a run for the bus, didn't miss it. How could I miss it. The side opposite had 6 buses go past. I had none. Only thing I hate about public transport. Meanwhile, back at the court. I was in P.E., and spotted my crush walking past the tennis court.I turned around to look at him, but he didn't notice me (trying my hardest to pull an attractive trout pout. No go area) , so I turned back to return to my game. As I did, the tennis ball hit me in the face and knocked my glasses off. This is why contact lenses are made mum! Of course by this time, he HAD turned around and saw everything. He was in fits of laughter and I went as red as my attractive, stylish P.E. top (ew)I must of been a right clown. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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